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"Innovation requires openness and the willingness to accept risk"


In Stein in Aargau, Novartis is producing a revolutionary medical application. Cell and gene therapies have the potential to cure blood cancer. Dorothea Ledergerber heads this innovative project, which will produce a tailor-made dosage of medication for each and every patient. In the interview, Dorothea Ledergerber explains what she understands by innovation.

Dorothea Ledergerber is global program manager of the product pipeline for cell and gene therapies at Novartis AG. After finishing her doctorate, she joined Ciba-Geigy as a researcher and spent several years in drug development, holding down a number of different positions in galenic development, early clinical research and biologics. After switching to production, she held various positions in Switzerland, Germany and Ireland, most recently as factory manager in Ringaskiddy in Ireland. Dorothea Ledergerber has been involved in the development of cell and gene therapies at Novartis in Europe since 2017 and has been project manager in Stein since 2018.


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