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Voting Proposals: scienceindustries recommends 3x YES and 1x NO

To stabilise social welfare systems and strengthen Switzerland's appeal as a business location, scienceindustries is supporting the OASI 21 (AHV 21) reform, the supplementary financing of OASI and the withholding tax reform. scienceindustries rejects the Factory Farming Initiative.


As one of Switzerland’s largest business associations, scienceindustries represents the country’s chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. These account for around 50% of total Swiss exports. In order to remain competitive on a global scale, these industries depend on Switzerland remaining a strong business location.

In the Swiss referendum on 25 September 2022, scienceindustries and its members are keenly interested in strengthening Switzerland as a business location and stabilising social services. That is why scienceindustries is resolutely saying “YES” to the withholding tax reform and the two OASI proposals, and a firm “NO” to the Factory Farming Initiative.

Bringing taxes back to Switzerland

Bonds are currently subject to a withholding tax of 35%. Other countries have long since abolished this tax. This creates a negative incentive for companies and investors to issue bonds outside Switzerland. This is detrimental to the Swiss economy: with this reform, the Federal Council, the National Council and the Council of States, as well as the majority of the parties want to exempt the proceeds of domestic bonds from withholding tax.

This broad-based proposal will lead to more attractive financing transactions in Switzerland, which will create jobs and ultimately lead to increased tax revenues. This will stop tax giveaways to foreign countries and protect Swiss companies from additional taxation abroad. scienceindustries therefore supports – together with a broad alliance of politics and business – the reform of the Withholding Tax Act.

Stabilising the OASI for secure pensions

The Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance (OASI) is at risk of becoming unbalanced due to demographic trends. The Federal Council and Parliament have now drawn up a compromise solution which provides for an adjustment of OASI benefits and an increase in revenue.

The reform allows for more flexibility regarding retirement and pensions . For women born between 1961 and 1969, compensatory measures are also provided to cushion the increase in the retirement age to 65. The compromise solution also includes financial support for the OASI through an increase in VAT. scienceindustries supports the two proposals for stabilising the OASI.

Safe food supply

The Factory Farming Initiative envisages the imposition of additional requirements and restrictions that severely restrict Swiss farms. Switzerland already has some of the strictest animal protection laws in the world. In addition, the Confederation provides support measures in favour of near-natural, environmentally friendly and animal-friendly forms of production.

Finally, the initiative includes a ban on imports of products not meeting organic standards. However, this will increase the burden of red tape while raising the cost of food – at a time of crisis. The Factory Farming Initiative must therefore be rejected.


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