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Swiss Biotech Report 2023: Industry as a driver of innovation

The Swiss biotech industry is thriving despite difficult times. Turnover continued to grow in 2022, to 6.8 billion Swiss francs. The research expenditure (R&D) of the companies rose to a record high of 2.7 billion Swiss francs. This is shown in the Swiss Biotech Report 2023, to which scienceindustries contributed.


Switzerland’s biotech industry again showed its resilience by adjusting to geopolitical disruptions while continuing to play a key role in driving global innovation. The Swiss biotech industry generated record revenues of CHF 6.8 billion, compared to CHF 6.7 billion in 2021. This was driven by significant collaboration and licensing deals, where Swiss biotech companies often successfully partner with large pharma companies, and boosted product sales.

Switzerland as an attractive location
284 biotech companies were active in Switzerland in 2022, 26 more than the year before. The number of full-time positions in Swiss R&D biotech companies increased by 7.2 per cent. This corresponds to more than 19,000 employees. Investments in research and development reached a new high of CHF 2.7 billion. A total of CHF 1.3 billion in new capital flowed into the companies. Switzerland is a very attractive location for biotech companies: by the end of 2022, 20 percent of European biotech companies had already established their headquarters in Switzerland. They cite the central location, the modern infrastructure, the business-friendly environment and the excellent skilled workforce as decisive factors for their choice of location.

Switzerland as a source of global solutions
The overarching theme of the Swiss Biotech Report 2023 are effective solutions from Switzerland for global challenges. Approaches are presented from different angles. scienceindustries uses examples from member companies to demonstrate the potential of industrial biotechnology for improved sustainability in various areas and underlines the central role of the life sciences sector as a stable foundation of the Swiss economy.

The Swiss Biotech Report 2023, presented at the Swiss Biotech Day on 25 April 2023 in Basel, is published by the Swiss Biotech Association in collaboration with EY, scienceindustries and seven other partner organisations. Every year, the report highlights the most important trends, innovation factors and sources of innovation and reports on topics and facts about the development of the Swiss biotech industry. The Swiss Biotech Report 2023 is available digitally at



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