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SGCI Newsletter July 7th 2010
To whom it may concern
You are now receiving the SGCI Newsletter quarterly.
This is sent to decision-makers in member companies and informs them about the point of view taken by SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz in relation to politics and society.
Topics covered by this issue
- Only a well-balanced climate policy is sustainable
- Taking account of the patient when paying for medicines
- Implementing REACH in Switzerland
- Further free-trade agreements are important
- Sensible reform of company law
- Christoph Mäder strengthens the Swiss economy at the OECD
Only a well-balanced climate policy is sustainable
The chemical-pharmaceutical industry is prepared to reduce its CO2 emissions by 2020 by 20% as compared with 1990, with measures both at home and abroad. Companies should themselves decide whether they wish to join the European emission trading system or keep to a tried and trusted, well-balanced combination of measures. The demand for a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 is going too far, taking into account the economic environment and international treaties, and is rejected.
Taking account of the patient when paying for medicines
The amendments to Orders concerning health insurance law passed by the Federal Council in 2009 bring about considerable and sustained reductions in costs of medicines. The pharmaceutical industry thereby renders a substantial contribution towards containing the cost trend. SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz opposes the proposition of normally only paying for the cheapest medicine in each case. Such a measure would at most only marginally affect the costs of health insurance, but would however endanger the patient's trust in the treatment on account of frequent changes in medical preparations.
Implementing REACH in Switzerland
SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz takes the view on behalf of the Swiss economy as against the authorities, according to which negotiations can be agreed to be commenced with the EU on incorporating REACH, the European Order concerning chemicals, into Swiss law on certain conditions. Thus the economy is to be brought into the negotiations and those substances which are not exported to the EU are to be removed from the Swiss Order.
Further free-trade agreements are important
As the largest export industry in Switzerland, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry depends on free access to the market, world-wide. Accordingly, the network of free-trade agreements should be extended not only to China but also to the USA, Russia, India, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong and Thailand. Furthermore, world-wide and effective protection for intellectual property and investments is to be ensured with the Swiss foreign trade policy. An eye is to be kept on lasting development in all three dimensions (economic, ecological and social). Carry-over customs arrangements for ecological reasons are rejected by SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz.
Sensible reform of company law
SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz rejects the "Minder Initiative", because it weakens Switzerland as a location for industry. Participatory rights of shareholders should be strengthened and the shortcomings of the initiative should be removed with a counter-proposal having the following key points:
- binding voting only on the overall amount of remuneration of board members in the current financial year,
- regulation to prevent misuse in relation to payments in advance and severance payments, but not a prohibition on such payments,
- acceptability of the nominee model.
Christoph Mäder strengthens the Swiss economy at the OECD
Christoph Mäder, Chairman of SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz, was elected as the new representative of economiesuisse and the Swiss Employers' Association in the Executive Board of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee BIAC at the OECD. Christoph Mäder represents SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz in the Management Committee of economiesuisse and is the first Swiss national to represent the interests of our economy in the supreme management bodies of this official advisory body of the OECD.
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SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz
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