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Emergency Numbers

Police Tel. 117
Fire brigade Tel. 118
Ambulance Tel. 144
Swiss Air Resue REGA Tel. 1414


Tox Info Suisse

Tox Info Suisse provides help in cases of poisoning and poisoning risks to everybody in Switzerland around the clock.

24 h-Emergency Number Tel. 145
Non-urgent cases Tel. +41 44 251 66 66
Calls from abroad Tel. +41 44 251 51 51


Transport Incidences with dangerous goods

In case of an accident with a foreign vehicle the Chemical Information Centre is responsible for the contact with other European Alarm Centres according to an agreement with CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

Tel. +41 61264 01 22


scienceindustries maintains a list of telephone numbers and contact persons of member companies for the attention of the alarm centre for transport accidents. Changes are to be reported by e-mail to

National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC)

The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) located in Zurich, Switzerland, is the federal centre of expertise for exceptional events. Foremost among these is the risk arising from increased radioactivity, whether this occurs as the result of an accident in a nuclear power plant, a laboratory, or during transportation. Further areas of responsibility include large-scale chemical accidents, dam ruptures and the threat of satellite re-entry.


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