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This position paper is the contribution to the strategic orientation of Swiss foreign economic policy, shows how its success can be secured and strengthened in the long term and forms the basis for supplementary position papers on special issues of foreign economic policy.

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The Swiss chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry has a significant interest in trade liberalization and strong intellectual property rights protection at the global, regional, and national level.

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No expansion to COVID-19 therapeutics and diagnostics

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Would it make sense to manufacture more medication in Switzerland so as to exclude supply shortfalls? This is unfortunately neither practical nor efficient.

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scienceindustries basically supports efforts to initiate and implement modernization negotiations for the existing Switzerland-Japan free trade agreement, but not at any price. scienceindustries strongly opposes an amendment to the procedure for origin examination analogous to the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement.

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For fundamental reasons, scienceindustries rejects the exclusion of products from negotiations for free trade agreements. Such exclusions not only contradict the spirit of free trade, but they are also diametrically opposed to the policy of comprehensive mutual market access for all trading partners.

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