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Fact Sheet - Exclusion of products from free trade agreements: Palm oil – facts and figures

For fundamental reasons, scienceindustries rejects the exclusion of products from negotiations for free trade agreements. Such exclusions not only contradict the spirit of free trade, but they are also diametrically opposed to the policy of comprehensive mutual market access for all trading partners.


Palm oil can at present already be imported free of duty to Switzerland under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), which provides developing countries with easier access to markets. The exclusion of palm oil from free trade agreements will therefore bring no added value, but will generate substantial additional import costs for users in the secondary and tertiary sectors because APS status will necessarily be lost under a free trade agreement.

On the other hand, scienceindustries sees the conclusion of free trade agreements with Malaysia and Indonesia as an opportunity for the EFTA countries to establish closer ties with these two countries, which will allow them to campaign even more effectively for the environmentally and socially responsible cultivation of palm oil.

scienceindustries presents it's position and background information in the fact sheet "Exclusion of products from free trade agreements: Palm oil – facts and figures"


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