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"The ultimate reward for innovation is market success."


At Givaudan, the world leader in aromatic substances, Fabio Campanile and his team have proven that innovation and sustainability go together perfectly. Their innovative biotechnological process makes it possible for the first time to manufacture sustainable, carbon-efficient Ambrofix, which is used in countless consumer goods. In the interview he explains his interpretation of innovation.

Fabio Campanile has a Master in Chemical Engineering from Naples University in Italy, PhD in Chemical Engineering from Nottingham University in UK and an MBA from Vlerick Business School in Belgium. Prior to joining Givaudan in 2007, Fabio worked for ICI in UK and Quest International in the Netherlands in R&D. Since joining Givaudan, Fabio has held several Science and Technology roles before moving to the Commercial organisation as Head of Flavour Creation & Application in EAME in 2013. As of June 2016 Fabio is accountable for leading and executing on the Science & Technology Flavour strategy.


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