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Export Risk Insurance


Are deliveries abroad a risk?

Receipt of payment for deliveries abroad is exposed to additional risks in comparison with domestic deliveries. Export-oriented companies have an interest in minimizing non-payment risks. They can make use of the possibility to insure themselves against these risks. The cover ratio for multi-buyer insurances is up to 95%.

Multi-buyer insurance is the solution

On behalf of the export-oriented companies of the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, scienceindustries manages a multi-buyer office. The member companies benefit from hedging the export risks at low-cost and reduced administrative expenditure.

Which risks are insurable?

  • Basic risks
    • Political risks (exceptional government measures or wartime situations)
    • Transfer risk (non-conversion)
    • Force majeur
  • Del credere risk (economic risk)

How does the multi-buyer insurance work?

The exporters' applications for insurance are consolidated each term and hedged by SERV (Swiss Export Risk Insurance). In the event of damage, SERV assumes the risk.

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