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Pharma Code practice


Based on its experience, the Code Secretariat may issue recommendations in order to facilitate the proper application of the Pharma Code and the Pharma Cooperation Code.

Recommendations to the Pharma Code

  • Nr. 1:  Professional promotion for pharmaceuticals: distinction between editorial texts and advertising in professional medical media
  • Nr. 2: Professional promotion for pharmaceuticals: procedure to be followed in the event of suspected conduct in breach of the code by competitors
  • Nr. 3: Professional promotion for pharmaceuticals: documents, references and comparisons
  • Nr. 4: Events which are organised or supported by pharmaceutical companies: financial share of the participants
  • Nr. 5: Conduct of companies on the occasion of congresses, symposia and similar events which are held for health care professionals in Switzerland under the responsibility of professional organisations.
  • Nr. 6: Practice regarding the ban on gifts.

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