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Dossiers - Climate and energy policy

scienceindustries is committed to security of supply

There is a real risk that the coming winter may bring with it energy shortages. In close coordination with economiesuisse and Swissmem, we prioritised the issue of electricity supply at an early stage. scienceindustries urged affected companies to draw up suitable emergency plans as quickly as possible.


Discussions between scienceindustries and the relevant federal authorities have intensified in recent months. On 5 September, for example, scienceindustries took part in a round table held by Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin on “Electricity management measures”. The Energy Saving Alliance and emergency measures to ensure security of supply are generally supported by the federal government, whereby pharmaceuticals, chemistry and life sciences are classified as critical infrastructures.
Medication, food, drinking water 
Firstly, this is due to the need to maintain the supply of essential medications, especially during the challenging times caused by energy shortages. Secondly, important products of the agricultural industry are key to ensuring global food security. Many chemical products are also essential to downstream critical infrastructures (such as sewage treatment plants, waste incineration plants and drinking water treatment plants).

Multi-site agreements an important element
It is also important that national multi-site agreements can be concluded if quotas for electricity and gas are to be put in place. This allows companies with several sites within Switzerland to plan effective measures, enabling savings to be made at locations where the economic impact is as low as possible.

Trading platform
scienceindustries, together with Swissmem and economiesuisse, provided financial support for the creation of the website, which offers information on potential energy shortages. This includes key figures, diagrams and indicators of current market conditions for electricity and natural gas. We also present our assessment of potential energy shortages. A trading platform for quotas will be set up as part of a second stage.


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