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Companies are on track with the Energy Agency for Industry


Since 2001, the Swiss Business Energy Agency (EnAW) has been helping companies to successfully implement their climate targets. The 4680 companies affiliated to the EnAW have been able to save 791 976 tonnes of CO2 and over 4.6 billion kilowatt hours of energy - including 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity - through concrete measures. This means that they exceed the energy efficiency targets by 7.7 percentage points and make a significant contribution to the economy achieving the climate targets. scienceindustries supports the activities of the EnAW together with many committed members.

In 2022, we experienced one of the toughest tests yet for Switzerland's energy supply. The 4680 companies affiliated to the EnAW, like others, were challenged to prepare for an electricity and gas shortage with rising energy prices. The current performance record of the EnAW shows how the situation has affected the reduction performance of the companies.

424 new companies in 2022
In Switzerland, 4680 participating companies from the industrial and service sectors with 2521 formal target agreements are implementing their climate protection and energy efficiency goals with EnAW's energy management. In 2022, 424 new companies were added. In addition, 65 new target agreements were concluded. Around half of the target agreements entitle the companies to a refund of the CO2 levy and around a tenth to a refund of the grid surcharge.

Improved CO2 intensity
In 2022, 791 976 tonnes of CO2 were saved thanks to the numerous and diverse measures implemented since 2013. The participating companies have thus once again improved their CO2 intensity: it currently exceeds the target by 8.5 percentage points.

Development of the CO2 intensity of EnAW participants 2012 to 2022

Heating degree day standardised

Increase in energy efficiency
The energy efficiency of EnAW participants has also been continuously improved in the second commitment period including the extension (2013 to the present). In 2022, 4 646 224 megawatt hours of electricity and heat were saved through various measures implemented since 2013. This corresponds on average to the annual household energy consumption of 606 106 inhabitants in Switzerland.

Development of energy efficiency of EnAW participants 2012 to 2022
Heating degree day standardised

Fair framework conditions
Thanks to their great commitment and many years of effort to implement numerous energy-saving measures, the EnAW companies are on the path to decarbonisation. However, the reductions in fuel and energy achieved in 2022 will not be taken into account in the event of a quota system in the event of shortages. This could not only provide an important incentive for the participating companies, but also attract new companies. It would therefore be fair and appropriate for politicians to provide a suitable incentive system.


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