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Swiss Biotech Report 2024: Industry fosters business and innovation

In 2023, the Swiss biotech sector generated record sales of CHF 7.3 billion, compared to CHF 6.8 billion in 2022. Capital inflow increased by more than 50 percent to CHF 2 billion. Innovation-driving research expenditure remains high. This is illustrated in the Swiss Biotech Report 2023, to which scienceindustries also contributed. 


308 biotech companies operating in the field of research and development (R&D) were active in Switzerland in 2023, 24 more than in the previous year. The number of employees remained virtually unchanged at over 19,000. Swiss biotech companies were once again agile in 2023, particularly in terms of commercialization and financing, in order to remain an important driver of innovation for the global healthcare sector.  

The further increase in industry sales to CHF 7.3 billion is due on the one hand to significant collaboration and licensing agreements in which Swiss biotech companies successfully work together with large pharmaceutical companies. In addition, product sales were boosted by numerous new approvals.  

The attractiveness of Swiss biotech companies is also demonstrated by the high inflow of capital totaling CHF 2 billion, double that of the previous year. Around CHF 1.4 billion of these funds flowed into listed companies and CHF 600 million into privately financed companies. 

Switzerland as world champion in innovation 
According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland has been at the top of the Global Innovation Index for 13 consecutive years. The Swiss Biotech Report shows that Swiss biotech companies continue to use this innovative strength to develop effective new products and solutions that address global needs.  

The companies' research expenditure (R&D) shows a slight decline compared to the previous year due to the economic situation. However, at CHF 2.4 billion, it remains at a very high level and contributes to Switzerland's innovative strength. This is also reflected in a record number of approvals by global regulatory authorities, including the world's first CRISPR gene technology therapy. 

Switzerland as a reliable partner 
The umbrella theme of the Swiss Biotech Report 2024 is "Reliable partners beyond borders". The topic is examined from different perspectives through contributions from ten key stakeholders. Swiss biotech companies invested around CHF 1.5 billion in collaborations around the world. These have a positive impact on all levels of the global life sciences ecosystem: from research and development to production and the harmonization of legal frameworks.  

Using examples from member companies, scienceindustries demonstrates the potential of biotechnology for the global, sustainable supply of medicines, vitamins and food ingredients, and underlines the central role of the life sciences sector as a stable foundation of the Swiss economy. 

The Swiss Biotech Report 2024, which was presented at the Swiss Biotech Day on 23 April 2024 in Basel, is published by the Swiss Biotech Association in collaboration with EY, scienceindustries and seven other partner organizations. Every year, the report highlights the most important trends, innovation factors and sources of innovation and reports on topics and facts relating to the development of the Swiss biotech industry. The Swiss Biotech Report 2024 is available digitally at  



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