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Values of scienceindustries

scienceindustries is a service provider for its members. The employees are quickly accessible, friendly and helpful to the members. They provide competent direct assistance with enquiries and refer to other offices if they can not provide information themselves.

scienceindustries believes in progress and recognises opportunities. It is dedicated to economic governance and bases its arguments on scientific evidence. This conviction ensures long-term consistency and independent positions, and thus also the credibility of our organisation.

scienceindustries is a provider of services to its members. Our members can reach our friendly and helpful employees without any undue delay.  They directly and competently handle enquiries and refer those they can't answer themselves to other units.

All employees uphold this attitude towards members in committees and commissions as well as towards external organisations. If any breaches are suspected, employees have to recuse themselves. Where necessary, our employees also inform members and external parties about the competition law guidelines that apply to associations.

Employees execute instructions given to them responsibly and with integrity, in a fiduciary capacity and with loyalty to the party issuing the instructions.

scienceindustries appreciates social diversity and takes on the role of intermediary between its members and the authorities and political role players. Our employees understand the language and way of thinking of our members as well as those of the authorities and political role players, and ensure effective communication between the two stakeholder groups. In doing so they enjoy the confidence of both groups.

As scienceindustries wants to ensure the achievement of objectives (of the authorities, political role players and its members), all employee activities are geared towards relaying messages that are understood, in a language tailored to the recipients and their world of thought.

scienceindustries works through its employees, who display stamina and common sense and act correctly and with self-confidence while still remaining modest.  Their task rather than they themselves takes centre stage.

All employees pursue a common goal: the sustainable improvement of the framework conditions for our industry. They help one another within the confines of their skills and abilities, and work together as a team in their daily working lives.



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